Jews, Puritans and Whites OH MY!

Recently Kevin MacDonald gave a lecture at the London Forum.  While it does give a wonderful overview of some of the reasons Europeans are the way they are ( read super unique ), that is not even the best part about this video.  Kevin MacDonald is most famous for his book the Culture of Critique.  In the process of writing, what would become a quadrilogy, on the history of the Jews, Kevin became increasingly critical of the Jewish Elites.  Culture of Critique is the culmination of his criticism of Jewish Evolutionary Strategy, though the third book in the series.  Kevin is one of the most commonly cited authors when it comes to the Jewish Question.  If you are looking for more of Kevin’s views of the JQ this is not the video for you.  What the video does however allude to is the Puritan or Ultra-Calvinist hypothesis.  Funny that Kevin MacDonald author of THE Culture of Critique citing that the Jews were not the first to erode western ethnocentrism.  He describes the early anti-western elites as being WASP particularly Puritans and Quakers.  He does go on to say that the 20th century saw a decline in the influence of the WASP and an increasingly Jewish character to the anti-western elite.  Its nice to see someone of such authority added to the list of people who say “its not *JUST* the Jews!”

2 thoughts on “Jews, Puritans and Whites OH MY!

  1. Not only is it “Not just the Jews”, but, if it were they would truly be the master race psychologically speaking and would pretty much deserve, from an evolutionary perspective, all of the spoils they have obtained.

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