Happy Belated Robert E. Lee Day

Welcome to the 2015 commemoration of the birth of Robert E. Lee.  In certain urban centers they seem a bit confused as to how to properly celebrate.IMG_20150119_120959335

Let’s see on the left we have the oh my….Answer Coalition.  That doesn’t seem very southern let’s take a look at their website.

[Bold Mine] “ANSWER has played an important role in the fight against racist and religious profiling, in support of immigrant and workers’ rights, and for economic and social justice for all. Our members are engaged in a range of struggles, from the local battles against police brutality to the international campaigns against militarism and war.

ANSWER Chapters are organizing in cities and towns throughout the United States connecting the flight for social justice at home and in opposition to war and occupation abroad.” –Answer Coalition

I guess this is 2015 can’t have a parade without the social justice team showing up.  What about the poster on the right? Let’s see “party for socialism and….”.  Deary me. “Racism = Disease Revolution is the cure.”  What are they about?

[Bold Mine]  “The PSL’s primary objective is to form a revolutionary workers’ party based in Marxism-Leninism. This party would lead a revolution paving the way towards socialism, under which a new government of working people would be formed. The PSL proposes many radical changes to be implemented by this government. In the political sphere, all elected representatives should be recallable, securing freedom of speech for the working class (except in the case of xenophobia or bigotry and to prevent re-establishment of the capitalist system) and the elimination of corporate influence from politics.” –La Wik  Sue me their website was down.

And we have the communists.  Seems like they’re not a fan of the free speech.  Those ungrateful liars.


Oh look another sign.  They can’t all be commies.  “Dr. King will live forever in our hearts….” Oh well this is embarrassing.  This is a Martin Luther King Jr. parade.  Complete with a….sigh….LGTBBQ church.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King Jr.


Not to be upstaged the black slogan of the week crowd showed up with the chart topper #BlackLivesMatter.  I believe it goes something like this.

We have no agency

We kill each other all the time

But the police are the real problem

We didn’t do nuff’n.

Did I mishear the lyrics?  I’m not all that fluent in prog speak.  Should have spent a few more years in college, maybe taken a gender studies class.

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams.”
Martin Luther King Jr.


And not to be upstaged the Bankers showed up to flaunt their wealth to the proles.  This “Wells Fargo” didn’t seem to mind sharing the parade with the commies.  At least they did it in style.  I mean nothing says “look at me prole” like showing up in a mode of transportation out of fashion for nearly 100 years.  I personally wouldn’t show up at an MLK parade in anything less than a horse drawn carriage.  But I don’t have one so I guess that’s a moot point.


Oh look a speaker.  Is she perhaps providing a lesson in rhetoric?

"MLK Day celebration Hayward"

I don’t have the audio. I’m sure it was inspiring.  Below we can see a woman handing out posters for her dispossession.  She must have had a sad life.  A moment of silence for this woman’s pain.

"Early morning Protest at Libby Schaaf's home "

And no MLK day would be complete without traditional garb and singing.


You are all the dream!!!

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope next years Robert E. Lee Day looks a bit more like this.


Happy Robert E. Lee Day and Happy Confederate Heroes Day!

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