Social Signaling: Insanity and Controversy

In review of recent events, some have begun to suggest that events the media chose were selected for the murkiness of the details.  After all there exists a few clear cut examples of white on black racism seemingly motivated out of pure bigotry and yet the media does not jump on these opportunities.  Instead they seem to choose examples for which it is plausible if not likely that the dindu was responsible for their own death.

This serves a purpose as it further tests the limits of loyalty to the Cathedral.  Narrative über alles becomes the signal of divine status.  That one can properly contort your arguments utilizing progressive memetics to prop up the narrative shows that you are a true believer.  A true believer believes the narrative even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence.  While some might rightfully point out that the narrative falls apart when the media picks examples which obviously run counter to the narrative in reality, this holy dissonance serves as a ratchet to tighten the edges of the Overton Window.  Either one can accept reality as it is and be demonized by the Cathedral as unenlightened, or one can begin to adopt a mystic view of America.

Given that the average person does not posses the tools (memes) to construct a proper progressive narrative they must become a true believer relying on the Cathedral to interpret reality for them.  If they try to interpret reality, even the most simple examples, they risk running into implications of racism from the clergy.  The SJW, Feminists etc are members of the Brahmin thede who can successfully use progressive memetics to construct a new narrative.  They represent the increasing direction of the left which is further and further from reality.  The future of the left is not grand narratives but tired mantras and directionless mobs.  The true believers grew up in 12 years or more of insanity and they feel no need to justify their boiling blood lust with even a mote of sophistry or logic.  The elders look upon the behavior of the reckless youths sometimes with disdain, yet they say nothing fearing both reprisal and holding to the rule no enemies to the left.  In the future the SJW will eat their predecessors for being too reasonable as the Overton Window accelerates leftward.  Hat tip to Anti-Dem for the idea.


Mr. and Mrs. Grundy and Clan doing it quite wrong.


Brad and Jolie doing it right….maybe… that the Overton Window I spy?

Naturally the further one is from power, rural fly over states being the furthest of them all, the less incentives there are to bow before the mystic priests.  Fly over states are where you get the trappings of progressivism without the soul.  Well meaning people making misguided, if somewhat reasonable, assertions.  The Mrs. Grundy types are everywhere.  The difference between a true believer and Mrs. Grundy is that Mrs. Grundy tries to be reasonable and therefore misses the point of the whole game.  Mrs. Grundy may not even realize this is a game of status, and definitely won’t get that the greater your assertions dissonance from reality ( assuming it fits the narrative of course ) the greater the measure of your faith.  Vaishyas don’t get Brahmins: they project their good intentions.  Brahmins don’t get Vaishyas: they project their raw unfiltered lust for power.

It is of course difficult to maintain a fiction in the face of reality.  Whether they realize it or not Brahmins seek out to configure their reality to as much as possible confirm their fiction.  They hand select tokens who bless the urban elves with their presence and posses few of the traits common to their Dalit and Helot brethren.  When the tokens do make a tone deaf gesture or faux pas it is written off as a form of multicultural enrichment.  It is through the media that true believers interpret the world.  Their trusty mystic wordsmiths are there to disarm any threatening reality with their memetic screwdrivers and wire cutters.  Once disarmed it can be passed around as another piece of the narrative, while Vaishyas stomp their feet or at the very least scratch their heads at the ridiculous conclusions presented. This reaction from the Vaishyas is all part of the game.  If the Vaishyas agree to something it obviously can’t be a status signal.  In addition the Brahmin must maintain a false opposition to demonize as their narrative requires the Brahmin to be an oppressed visionary minority.  When the Vaishyas don’t get it, or even better disagree, the media have their foil to project their vitriolic rhetoric.  Ferguson killed two birds with one stone, it tested the faith of the unbelievers and brought the outer party out from under their rocks to play the role of the evil oppressors.

3 thoughts on “Social Signaling: Insanity and Controversy

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  2. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    “In the future the SJW will eat their predecessors for being too reasonable as the Overton Window accelerates leftward” This has proven too true in the mean.
    The 21st Century Mrs Grundy must be a Leftist.;wap2
    We should start referring to SJWs as Mrs Grundys and see how long it takes for them to virtue signal with it. Their ingrouping can be used to make them a common laughing stock.
    Self-righteous indignation is quickly replaced by status battles.

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