The Proper Size of ‘Us’

       Humans are by nature social creatures.  They tend to associate with others whenever possible.  Some of these associations are material like family others vegans, music taste, Southern, professional etc spawn from a myriad of aspects of human life.  Many modern identities seem empty compared to the traditions of old.  As the number of “identities” available to the average human multiply people seem to split and fracture.  This process is exacerbated by a number of factors corporatism, materialism, egalitarianism, federalism, and diversity all seem to break down the bonds of man.  Even if one were to try to create some sort of new identity with the strength of old it would be looked on with scorn and disgust.  Modern people are taught to distrust anyone who asks too much of them.  They must maintain their individuality and be an independent thinker.  Anything which approaches a level of brotherhood or community necessary to support each other is regarded as a cult.  Unfortunately the powers that be have their interests aligned.  Whether they realize it or not corporations and politicians are both served by the deracination process.  Social power undermines the power of politicians to change minds, call to the collective and draw the masses into their machine.  Identity splits the markets, makes employees diverse, and means that they must pander to certain groups rather than being valueless, faceless, and progressive.

“The actual purpose of 1930s-1960s desegregation/ethnic cleansing of the Raisin in the Sun variety was to replace ethnic segregation with economic segregation. Ethnic segregation is natural (in fact inevitable, as an ethnic group is just a breeding population in the long run, and a community can easily be defined as a group whose children marry each other) and thus is not manipulable, creates a form of loyalty and purpose independent of bureaucratic control. It’s also not aspirational. Economic segregation is hierarchical, neatly ordered, and aspirational. Here, one more natural final cause of life is replaced by one that amounts to producer/consumer as meaning of life. Given the simultaneous and related war on the family, its no wonder people have no sense of meaning in life beyond status and consumption. “ Comment by “Josh”

People are not independent thinkers in general.  The average person cannot and will not think for themselves.  Atomizing them serves to break their ties with their culture and family and makes it easier for them to be subsumed by the modernist zeitgeist.  Take the average independent thinker and you will have the average modernist.  By moderately rebelling from their parents and to an even greater extent the past they become carriers of the progressive meme.  they do not and cannot create their own memes and fail to see the irony of their behavior.  That progressivism teaches that it is the end of history only enforces a the modernists a historical view of their indoctrination.  History is not linear but cyclical.

I’m not the first to say it nor I will be the last but the primary purpose of education is indoctrination.  Indoctrination is a dirty word, if schools were indoctrinating kids with reactionary pre-enlightenment values and actually being taught something valuable in a properly healthy environment I would probably keep my mouth shut.  That is far from the case, children are taught little but the values that the ruling class or at best a subversive 10 year old version of them.  No matter the true victory is the slow leftward drift.  Conservative districts may not be embracing gay rights or anti-white narrative but none the less hidden within their curriculum is the insipid leftism of yesterday and eventually no matter how long it takes they will be just as progressive as the Social Justice Tards of today.   So if atomization is sweet music to the progressive ear what is the the Proper size of ‘Us’?  What is key to proper healthy size of human identity?

 Circles of Identity

    One of the great problems of identity is that it exists as a continuum.  People are many things each thing more or less important too them and more or less a part of who they are.  These identities become more or less important depending on the context.   One lesson learned from HBD is that there is no one answer for any people and from history we learn that there are different answers for different times.  Each answer has is own advantages and disadvantages and each makes more sense in different conditions with different people.

“And surely, we must recognize that the optimal form of government is in part a function of technology: tribes make sense at a subsistence level, city-states work when citizens can produce surplus wealth, and nation-states only cohere when there’s a way to rapidly move information, and soldiers, over an area one wants to govern. “


 Democracy is low grade civil war between tribes.  If we look at history tribalism seems to be the de facto unit of organization of identity.  This is not to say that tribalism is the explicit organization but that it seems to be strongest component.  What are monarchies?  They are a codification of tribal hierarchy.  In times of power vacuum various tribes compete for control of a region.  The one that comes out on top becomes king.  This does not mean that other tribes do not exist, culture does not disappear in the face of a clear winner, nor that the “king” necessarily rules as a monarch.  As time goes on various other tribes use their connections to the king to gain favor becoming the aristocracy, or the tribes allowed to hold limited power (or given power to keep them complacent however you look at it).  Even America where we “all” speak the same language sub-cultures and tribes have emerged based on differences in the types of immigrants that settled there and historical migration patterns.


While Neoreactionaries might use the BDH-OV model to describe political conflict on a personal level the West Coast and the North East do not get along.  They might share the same progressive values but they certainly are not from the same tribe.  Below is a map using Facebook data to draw different cultures. Here again we seen regionalism at play.

“Full stop. The reason why right-Brahmins (at least in intelligence), i.e. neoreactionaries, are so susceptible to liberal signalling as accurately indicating the state of the country is that neoreactionaries too often become stuck in the mud and mire of Tumblr, Tindr, nonsense from Vox, Gawker, WaPo, NYT, Slate, Salon, etc. Because that’s what’s read. Meanwhile, large swathes of the population live as they’ve always lived, the seeming triumph of social Progressivism to the contrary.” – See more at:


If we look at cell phone records we can see even finer divisions between regions

Microsoft Word - Arbesman The Borders We Create-EDIT2-SA[1].docx

For a more in depth look at the American Nations and their biological/historical origins look here at a post from JayMan.

At some point we must strike a balance between authentic identity and peace.  The stronger the influence of the tribe the stronger the hate of the other.  This isn’t so much of problem when the other is 1000 miles away but for tribes living in close proximity tribalism must be suppressed.  This can be accomplished in a couple of ways.  Tribalism can be suppressed through out-breeding or it can be suppressed by a central authority.  The problem with out-breeding is that it can create a tribe that cannot recognize legitimate threats, the problem with central authority is that it might see the tribes identity as a threat to itself and suppress the tribe’s culture, language and identity.  Clearly there is no one solution geography, size, people make the difference.

One of the hardest things to understand for me is the concept that nationalism is a recent phenomenon.  I was raised to see America as one nation, France as one nation, Britain as one nation, Germany as one nation.  These identities however are contrived.  They are not wrong Germans are indeed different from the French, but it would be foolhardy to think that all Germans are the same.  Part of the insanity of democracy is missing the tribal element of society.  The majority rules, and in a nation with multiple tribes (almost every nation) it is a low grade civil war.  Stepping away from the modern conception of the state as the unifier we can see that the most important identities are the authentic ones.  A functioning governance must either be local, or simply a referee to keep the tribes from fighting each other.  There is little good by the averaging of fundamentally different peoples.  People and tribes excel in specialization.  It is time we stop pretending to be anything more than we are.  We are first a member of a family, and then a tribe.  There is little else that can truly be an authentic identity (religion aside).  This is call both for decentralization of culture and peace.  Tribes fight less when they have sovereignty over their land and do not see their interests threatened.  New England and Texas would get along a lot better if they weren’t stuck in the same nation.  To deny our identities is to invite conflict.  A stronger future is one where we are less focused on the world and more focused on our neighbor.  That is how trust is built and civilization is maintained.  This is not to say there can’t be larger concentric organizations and identities but that the pendulum has swung too far away from the local.!prettyPhoto



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