I’m Back with Links

I have been out with a case of limited internet access.  As such I’ve taken by blog offline, though I was able to browse on my phone.  I’ve acquired many links over the week and will be sharing them with some light commentary.  Hopefully regular posts will resume shortly.  I have quite the backlog of post ideas.  

First off a story on the changes in unemployment patterns. While it doesn’t discuss many of the causes its always good to have another story to document the “recovery”.


Again a story about employment this time from a employers perspective.  I will resist the urge to comment on this one but suffice to say it is self parody.

I Don’t Want to Hire Women

This time analysis on a sensational headline and misleading research.  Once again the mainstream tries to associate college with success without considering the possibility that some very smart people go to college and its not the college that makes them smart.  I’ll pull out a quote from the post.  

“So, try thinking about it. In a move likely to enrage Daily Telegraph readers, and possibly gain the approval of Guardian readers, let us put every citizen on the same wage, regardless of their talents. Then allow those who are inclined to do so to save some of their income, which usually pays 7% per annum, judged from historical records. Allow 40 years to transpire under this egalitarian wage regime. How much wealth will the top 10% own at the end of that period?

Clue: it will be more than 10%.”


Good point even with the same wages spending and saving patterns (ie high or low time preference) would inevitably lead to better or worse outcomes.  Speaking of which given a healthy economy being a low wage worker for too long would be prima facie evidence for low time preference or some other flaw (I shouldn’t need to say this but there will always be outliers).


Another post on free speech.  I will take a general stand on the issue.  Free speech is fun I love it but it is a derived right produced by the concept of public property not an absolute right.  That being said I am unsure about the merits of free speech in a social and business sense though I would err on the side of caution.  Meaning I would rather have free speech in private spaces unless there was a demonstrable reason to suppress it.  Demonstrable reasons being like unicorns in today’s day and age.  

free speech rights and ability

I’m late to the party here but I will list a few post from Trannygate or is it Tranny Gate…..whatever?  


An article literally on the adage good boarders make good neighbors.  Take heed.


More on the neoreactionary divide.


And back to Tranny Gate


A tool to play with central bank data.  


A post on Finnish Education.


Post on Neoreaction and Signaling.



HBD post on China and information processing.


Proximity + Diversity =



I try to keep out of those darn democratic discussions in posts but I couldn’t resist.

Shocker: More Patients Go To ERs Under Obama-Care

Shinzo Abe For President!



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