Response to Vulture of Critique: Ghosts of Libertarians Part 1 of ?

I happen to agree with Vulture of Critique in his post here which was a response to my post.  It may not be apparent from my previous post but I don’t think that non-whites cannot be libertarians.  What I do think is that they are not libertarians and that there has been no process or movement which has been successful in converting them to be libertarian.  That doesn’t mean it can’t happen but what it does limit the options for white libertarians living today.  I call for white libertarians to accept their movement as white in order that their movement might function in the present.  I also understand this call is weak given that I am an outsider.

Any libertarian movement which hopes to be successful must be exclusive, in the sense that if they were going to start a country they would be choosy about who they allow to be citizens.  If a libertarian republic popped into existence today it would need a closed boarder policy in order to maintain itself.  This is because the only two options available at the moment in the western world are boarders wide open or shut.  Obviously there are other options, but a new minted minarchist country would threaten its existence with an open boarder policy not because sane immigration policies aren’t possible but sane immigration policies have yet to be codified into any sort of civic religion.  I think that Legionnaire has done a good job crafting a theoretically sane immigration policy here (That was a four part post).  But that is not the sort of open boarder policy libertarians talk about.  Though if it were it would be a huge improvement.  Really go read Legionnaire’s posts.

Again we run into the problem of conversion.  Is there any process that can take a foreigner and make them a minarchist?  I believe it is possible but not universally so.  Any minarchist society would need to develop a process for minting new libertarians before it could have working immigration system.

So what about libertarian societies that begin as non-white?  This again however unlikely might be possible.  I fear most libertarians might be disappointed by the results.  Marx certainly didn’t expect his glorious revolution to take place in Russia or China neither of which was highly industrialized.  Nor would he have predicted that they would be a primarily agrarian revolutions.  I would expect that libertarian movements in non-white countries would probably be just as different if not more.  I can’t predict how or where this would happen, but I can say given present trends it is unlikely.  That is not to say a few hundred years from now some small Asian country couldn’t be inspired by some libertarian thinkers but I won’t hold my breath.

For now a libertarian country is a long shot, a non-white libertarian country even more so.  In the mean time there are plenty of other ways society could be improved.  Liberty is a luxury and anyone trying to achieve it has a long way to go.

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