A Sea of possibilities?

For a while the seasteading institute has been researching how to go about building a seastead.  Now they haven’t build one yet but they did manage to release a report and it has like most projects in the concept phase a pretty picture.  Moldbug published a post a while back about his doubts of the ability for seasteading to achieve political freedom or to more specific real sovereignty. To summarize greatly the United States and the court of world opinion will either pull it into its sphere of influence or crush it under their thumbs.

“If you learn from Hitler, you will of course be made to look like Hitler, because you will look like Hitler. Times readers will be led, with little hints, to the obvious conclusion: seasteading is a plot to drown the Jews. What do seasteaders have in common? They’re all white men. Why do they want to live at sea? Because Negroes can’t swim. Etc, etc, etc.”


I am not sure I agree completely with Moldbug about sovereignty being binary (although this might be a nice model), he certainly presents a convincing dystopian picture of every Seastead becoming diverse, socially aware and environmentally friendly (although seastead might need to be self-sufficient and “environmentally friendly” by default, environmentalists will always escalate their crazy antics and demands).  On a side note I will eventually make a post on the implicit white nationalism of anarcho-capitalism and most other fringe political movements.

This post is however not about sovereignty or political goals.  But more along the lines of this quote from Moldbug.

“However, it should be noted that while snake oil will not cure your cancer, it can still be remarkably tasty on a salad – especially if paired with a good balsamic. Do you want to live in a libertarian commune at sea? By all means, live in a libertarian commune at sea! Your expenses will be much higher than if you chose, say, Inyo County. But Inyo County has no bracing marine air, no enforced feeling of we’re-all-in-this-together, no seagulls catching crusts off the poop deck. Heck, if your boat has good childcare, I might even apply to live there myself.”

The main reason I made this post was because of how much the living at sea aspect of Seasteading appeals to me.  If a seastead looks as pretty as this I would definitely want to move there or at least retire there.  Sea breeze, interesting people and another side of the world.  Sounds good to me.




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