A response to Vulture of Critique

Recently Vulture of Critique nominated me for a Liebster Award. I had to decline as I could not fulfill all the conditions. However I will answer the 12 questions he provided for the award.  So here they are.

1. Imagine the following scenario: Someone, somewhere inside the United States government has decided to kill you before you can talk. Why did they make that decision? How many killers get sent? What weapons do they plan to use? What is your planned response?  If someone in the U.S. government was trying to kill me it would probably be because I was right about something top secret which I just happened to guess at.  They would send a team of three killers.  They would disappear me in the middle of the night.  My planned response is to make their life as difficult as possible and booby trap my house.

2. Do you have one or more declared “favorite” things that you don’t make time to include in your life? E.g. this applies if you say classical music is your “favorite” type of music, but you rarely (or never) listen to it.

Ultimate Frisbee.  I love it but rarely have time to play mostly because I’ve moved around so much.

3. There is some topic of which you have considerable knowledge, but it is inconvenient for you to teach this topic to other people. What makes it inconvenient?

Robotics, people have these crazy ideas about robots which are almost all completely wrong.  It is inconvenient because the truth is very boring and hard for some people to grasp.

4. Of the various reports of paranormal phenomena you have heard, what makes the least credible different from the most credible?

Expertise and agency.  I will use the word agency loosely here.  If the person is an expert on the real world effect then I am more likely to lend them credence.  If the person is an expert more credence.  If the evidence is based on something with no agency ie a chair I am more likely to believe it than say a toaster going haywire or a cow acting weird.

5. What is the most impressive depiction of the game of chess in a work of fine art? Does this remind you of other pieces of fine art?

I admit I had to look for chess in fine art.  I didn’t know any off the top of my head.  I found Thomas Eakins the Chess players.  It immediately stuck out and I love the style.  I don’t know much about art so it doesn’t remind me of anything.Image

6. How much experience do you have with computer games?

Not as much as console games but I have played a few.  Most of the computer game I know are either very old or very new.  Diablo III vs Star Trek Armada II

7. What is an indulgence that you genuinely don’t enjoy, but other people always think that you do enjoy?

I don’t enjoy sleeping that much.  I take naps a lot and sometimes I sleep in on weekends but I have trouble sleeping and I genuinely wish I didn’t have to sleep.

8. How many years do you think will pass before the USA has a major currency crisis?

20 years.

9. Have you ever experienced a truth so deep that you feel you shouldn’t try to explain it?


10. What is it that makes furry animals cute?

Fur usually hides imperfections and makes them look soft.  The urge to pet them, make them so irresistible.  Also neoteny.

11. What is the truest ghost story you know about?

I honestly don’t know any.

Once again thank you to Vulture of Critique he has a awesome blog which you should check out.  I read it often so I should know. http://vultureofcritique.wordpress.com/

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