A New Civic Religion

I’m not one to expect that there will be a positive turning point in the United States.  I do think it is important to contemplate how a country could turn the corner from decay to rejuvenation.  It seems that new civic religions spring from traumatic events certainly war is one of the most traumatic events a large group of people can endure or be aware of.  The Revolutionary war, the Civil war, the New Deal and World War II all created large paradigm shifts in the American civic religion.  One could argue to a lesser extent the civil rights era, the Vietnam protests, and 9/11 created new memes, but I don’t think I would describe them as a new paradigms.  I don’t mean to sound opportunistic, not that I have the means anyways, but what if the next disaster, economic bubble, or war allowed us or some other nation to turn the corner.  A simple idea, a lie, a stretching of the truth can become the meme which shapes the narrative of an event.  Not something complex, no arguments, no essays or attempt to create supporters just a idea simple enough to stick.  Certainly those in power can craft a good narrative, they’ve had 200+ years of practice (evolution of institutions) but what if someone else planted the seed?  And the next seed for when they try to adapt the narrative ex post facto.  Well I’ll certainly be on the look out. You never know when opportunity might strike, and at the very least I can once again witness the machinations of those in power.    

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